Premium® Salt Tablets - for Water Treatment Stations

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Premium® Salt Tablets - for Water Treatment Stations - Guaranteed Highest Quality


Premium® brand water treatment salt is the highest quality salt for water softeners. The tablets are made from selected, refined salt (sodium chloride - NaCl) and do not contain any mechanical impurities. The salt tablet is odorless, and its use ensures excellent water parameters. Water treated with Premium® salt tablets will be safe for health and ready for use.


Salt tablets are also used to regenerate ion exchange units (also known as water treatment stations or water softening stations) as a regenerating agent for ion exchange resin.


Premium® salt tablets guarantee the highest chemical and physical parameters on the European market.


Applications of Premium® Salt Tablets:

Tableted salt is used for:

· water softening processes

· water treatment processes

· specific household and industrial dishwashers

· car washes

· other processes requiring salt tablets for proper operation


Premium® Salt Tablets:

· above-average hardness and physicochemical properties of the salt tablets ensure their long and even dissolution

· comply with the most restrictive requirements of water treatment station manufacturers

· do not contain mechanical impurities that may expose the softener to damage

· do not cause the formation of so-called salt deposits, which affect the life and effectiveness of devices used in the water treatment process.

· are always of the highest quality - the production process is continuously monitored and controlled

· have PZH certification


Dimensions of the tablet:

· diameter: 25 mm

· height: 13-18 mm

· weight: 11-16 grams


When ordering 1000 kg (100 bags), the product is on a pallet with dimensions of 120x80.


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