CIECH salt tablets - for water treatment stations


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CIECH salt tablets - for water treatment stations


High-quality original salt from Soda Polska Ciech S.A. The tablets are produced from selected table salt (sodium chloride - NaCl) and do not contain mechanical impurities. The salt tablet has no odor, and its use ensures excellent water parameters. After using the Soda Polska Ciech S.A. salt tablets, the water will be completely safe for health and ready to use.


Salt tablets are also used for regenerating ion exchangers (also known as water treatment stations or water softening stations) as a regenerating agent for ion exchange resin.


The original manufacturer's packaging (with the Soda Polska Ciech S.A. logo) guarantees the highest quality of the product and the origin of the salt from a proven source, which ensures proper operation of water softeners.


Uses of CIECH salt tablets:

• Water softening processes

• Water treatment processes

• Specific domestic and industrial dishwashers

• Car washes

• Other processes that require salt tablets for proper operation


By using CIECH salt tablets for water treatment produced by Soda Polska Ciech S.A., you can be sure that the product:

• Meets the most stringent requirements of water treatment station manufacturers

• Does not contain mechanical impurities that could damage the softener

• Does not cause the formation of so-called salt deposits that affect the life and effectiveness of the devices used in the water treatment process.

• Is always of the highest quality - the production process is constantly monitored and controlled

• Has the manufacturer's certificate and its actual composition (original manufacturer's packaging) will always be consistent with the parameters contained therein.

• Has PZH certificate


Tablet diameter - 25 mm


Note. Proper devices, water treatment stations, are required to use salt tablets.


We encourage you to perform a simple test by dissolving original Soda Polska Ciech salt tablets and other water treatment tablets available in Poland in a glass of water. The results of such a test will show you why the Soda Polska Ciech product is one of the best on the market.


The product is also available in promotional sets:


250 kg (10 bags)

500 kg (20 bags)

1000 kg (1 ton) (40 bags)

When ordering 250 kg, 500 kg, 1 000 kg (40 bags), the product is on a pallet with dimensions: 120x80


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